Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So, last Friday was Cottontail Village, an arts and crafts festival in Birmingham that I go to every year with my Mom, Sister and my precious niece. It's a tradition of ours. We take off work, eat breakfast at Waffle House and leave in time to get there when the doors open at 9:00am. We pack our lunch and spend all day there...literally we were there for 9 hours! Yes, I said 9! Most normal people can get through it in a couple of hours but we take our time and look at every booth! (There is also a Christmas festival that we go to every year that we wear matching shirts too but that is a whole other post! ) But I love this time with my girls and look forward to it every year! Below are a couple of my purchases:

Spreader and cheese board with a "J"

Some treats for my Coopie!

An AWESOME cookbook that is for an even better cause. This is put out by the Birmingham Humane Society and all proceeds benefit them. The best $25 bucks I spent all day! =)

A funny sign that we are going to hang in our garage above our recycling bin.

I got a few other things but they are gifts and I don't want to spoil the surprise. One is for my sweet friend, Whitney, who is expecting a little boy in August.
Maybe this post will prompt my sister to share the things she bought. She got some cute things for my niece. This place is stock piled with the cutest baby stuff you've ever seen! If I had a real baby then I would be broke!

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Whitney said...

You are precious! I am so sad I missed out! I love the cheese board!! It reminded me of the one I got for a wedding gift and I need to pull out!! Sweet Coop! I bet he enjoyed those yummies. I love the cookbook too. I agree Christmas Village is a post that deserves an entire to itself!!! I'm so thankful for you and love you!!~w

Patti said...

Cottontails was awesome this year. I'm glad you left out the part about how we don't allow anyone else to go with us -- now who made that rule? :) It was such a special day for me to spend time with my girls!

Harper's Mommy said...

I had so much fun too and look forward to this every year. I could've bought so much more than I did-everything is so cute. What am I going to do at Christmas Village when I'm buying for two? I better start saving up now! So glad we got to spend the weekend with you. Harper loves you and so do I.