Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Thought I would share some gifts I've made recently.
Below are silverware holders - I got the idea somewhere on the Internet -- I can't find where I originally saw it right now or I would link to it. Basically you can use these if you carry your lunch to work to put your silverware and napkin in. Very GREEN - which for those of you who know me know that I like to do my part to help! All tied up
the outside
the inside - place for your spoon, fork, knife and napkin
close up

A travel mug
Skirt apron
regular apron
These were all super easy projects...If I can make them then anyone can! They were birthday presents for different people and I hope they all are enjoyed!


Whitney said...

wow! I am so impressed! You did a great job! I bet they are even more adorable in person!! Love you! Whitney

~Sarah~ said...

Eddie did a great job modeling that blue apron! Everything looks awesome!

Tiffany said...

That is me in the blue apron!! Do I look like a boy because you are the 2nd person to say that?!?! LA SARAH!

H2's Mommy said...

If it makes you feel any better I didn't think that it was Keith modeling the apron. I love all of the things that you made...you did an awesome job! and I'm impressed with how crafty you are these days! LOVE YOU!

BeLLa said...

well.......you have to admit your hips look a lot slimmer in the regular apron.....however don't think eddie could wear your wedding rings. :)

I was the lucky recipient of one of the silverware holders and it is awesome! Tip you did a great job! Love you!

~Sarah~ said...

My bad! I just glanced at it and it looked like the ring was just a band. Also I don't think I have seen you wear that watch, so I jumped to the conclusion that it was Eddie! Next time I just wont even say anything. But at least you know that I am looking at your blog every day! Sorry Kitty-Kat! love ya! ~LA SARAH~

H2's Mommy said...

Tiff-is that a new watch? Just kidding! ;)

Tiffany said...

Sarah - I'm just giving you a hard time! I'm super excited that you are reading the blog and commenting! Love you!!
PS - I've worn that watch everyday for 1.5 years! ;)