Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pretty as a picture

Below is a little craft project that was Cottontail Village inspired. I got all the supplies at JoAnne's (love this place) and the grand total was around $5.
Frame - $1.49
Paint - 1.29
Brush - .39
Ribbon (3 pack) - $2.00
I already had the paint pen.

(obviously I changed up the ribbon - the one below matched better once it was painted)

My sweet lil coop!
I thought it turned out pretty good --
Let me know what you think!


Harper's Mommy said...

I love it...I want one for my babies! You're so crafty these days!

Tiffany said...

I'll make you one for sure! Once we know what babe #2 is and of course I'll make one for Harpy!

Harper's Mommy said...

You're the best aunt ever!

Patti said...

so, so cute! you have so many talents. i'm so thankful that my girls share my love for "do it yourself creativity". tip, you're just better at actually making the things we see. xoxo

Ashley said...

i think it is ugly.

Patti said...

ash, i think you're traveling on the short bus these days.......

Ashley said...

lol lol... i really feel like I am...
total confusion everywhere i go..