Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still Adjusting...

I'm so glad the time changed. I love it being lighter longer in the afternoons and we have been taking full advantage this week. We've played tennis, taken longer walks, rode bikes, etc. However, the mornings aren't so great. It is sooo dark when my alarm goes off that I can barely drag myself out of bed. After we start stirring, Cooper goes underneath the bed for a little more shut eye. Below is what he has looked like the last few of mornings when it has been time for him to go outside. He usually darts out ready to go but this week he has just barely peaked his head out from under the bed. I think he is having a hard time adjusting too!

My sister sent me this:

You can get tickets here. I think they go on sale tomorrow. I would love to go but we'll be out of town the weekend before and I'm sure I'll be on stand by to head to Chattanooga since my sister's due date is Sept. 19th. I think it will be an awesome concert and I think you can get some tickets for $20.


Harper's Mommy said...

I'm loving the time change too-it's so nice to be able to do so much outside at night before it gets dark. This summer is going to be fun for us. I didn't even think about the concert being 1 week before I'm due! Too bad Harper isn't a little older...she loves her some Taylor Swift! I love you!

Whitney said...

Poor Coopie! I however, love driving to work in the pitch dark and on empty back roads through the country, I feel like I am going on a trip and we are leaving really early...I probably just feel that way since I'm not the one driving. umm... Thanks for posting the link to Taylor's concert. I am going to try to get Syd the tickets for her b'day! B and I got Taylor and Tyler Dave tickets for their bday in we will see. Now I don't have to hunt down the link- thanks! IT is crazy that they are announcing all of these concerts that are in August and September- I will have a bebe by the time this concert rolls around!!!!woohoo!! Shan will have TWO!! crazy! love you! W