Monday, March 23, 2009

weekend. recap.

Here are some pics from this past weekend. We had a great time with Jon and Sarah! We played golf Friday afternoon. The weather was great and we all played pretty good.
Sarah was the official score keeper and cart driver!
Team La-ha!
Team Shadoobie!
Friday night we headed down to Beale St. and went to Silky O'Sullivans. It's an awesome piano bar and we had fun thinking of songs to request -- we got them to play Jesse's girl and some Elton John (the queen of pop himself)!

Then after Beale we headed down to Dyer's. Check it out - it has been featured on the Food Network because they fry their burgers and have been using the same grease for 90 years. I know it sounds disgusting but trust me it's actually delicious!

Sarah even took a picture of the grease...Their motto is"Have you had your vitamin G today?"

We didn't really take anymore pictures but the rest of the weekend was just as fun. We played cards, ate lots, shot pool, watched entirely too many youtube videos and just had a great time! Cooper was also glad to see his buddy Hobbie!

Jon & Sarah - we hope you'll come back soon! love you guys!


Whitney said...

Tip- you've got skills with that camera chicky!! looks like ya'll had a blast! I'm looking forward to seeing you and Eddie soon! love you.

Harper's Mommy said...

Looks like you all had a fun weekend! Awesome pics too...I can't wait for you to take some for me! LOVE YOU!

Patti said...

The yuppies do Memphis!

~Sarah~ said...

Spring Break 09!!!!! Thanks for everything! I had a blast! Can't wait to see you guys!!! By the way I'm the best cart driver ever! Love you!