Thursday, April 30, 2009

splish splash

Cooper got a bath last night and I wanted to video how he acts afterwards because he goes crazy! It's so funny -- the video doesn't really do him justice but you'll get the point. He also does something really embarrassing ~ you can't miss it. All you pet lovers will appreciate it! I showed Keith afterwards and I was like I'm so embarrassed, I can't post this and it cracked him up and he was like you have to. So enjoy! Just try and drown out the blaring tv.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dega pictures ~ as promised

*Warning* -- this is a long one...lots of pictures! So settle in for a while and have a look!

About to pull out of our driveway - Keith reluctantly let me write on the windows. He's not really of fan of this but it screams DEGA to me!

Some Jeep we came up on driving home -- this baby was loaded down!

I also took the liberty of writing on Mom's windows - she was thrilled!

Finally there!

The entrance

The backstretch where we sit - Allison Grandstands

Me and Jon

A picture looking out from where we camp - all you can see is campers!

Me & Mom

All of the guys Friday night - we'll most of them.

Memphis boys Saturday morning - Lee {the shirtless one} had a mullet hat that he wore!
It was awesome!

Me and the hubs

Bacon and Cameron

Our little camping area

The signs on our camper - they're awesome

Nationwide Race on Saturday

Siblings -


Patti & Sarah

Keith, Candy, Brain & Tiff

This is Sunday morning before the race. We were doing our pool - there is money on the line so it gets intense. Keith won 1st place on Saturday and La Sarah won on Sunday. Can't remember who got 2nd or 3rd either day ~ I just know it wasn't me!

Some other fun signs on our camper.
Some of the drivers riding around the track before Sunday's race.
This is Matt Kenseth {Keith's fav}.
Jr. - the obvious favorite at Talladega ~ although I don't know why!
David Ragen
Brad Keselowski - the winners of Sunday's race.
Mark Martin
Jon & Blake doing the chicken dance.

the fly over - one of my favorite parts!
Tony #14 - mine and Mom's fav.
Coming into Turn 2.
Me & Mom
Olivia, Lacey & Tiff
The whole group {minus 3} - it's kinda hard to make us all out.
In the back of the truck after the race - riding back to the campsite.
That was the last picture I took - kind of a random stopping point but the rest of the night was pretty low key. Several people left Sunday night and the rest of us followed bright and early Monday morning. Hope you enjoyed a sampling of the pics. I also took a video of a couple of laps that I might try and post later.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm back...

but only barely at this point. We had a great trip and loads of fun but back to reality today and I'm exhausted! I couldn't even bring myself to upload the pictures from the camera to the computer last night but I promise I will tonight. And then I'll go through all 258 of them and share the best ones with you! I really couldn't bring myself to do anything when we got back yesterday except unload the car, shower {a long hot shower - camping really makes you appreciate those!} and crash on the couch. I did get to catch up on my tv shows though and that was nice.
So I promise tomorrow's post will be much better and with lots of pictures! But since I'm not really a fan of posts without pictures I thought I would leave you with at least one.

I missed this guy this weekend and we were all glad to get back home yesterday!
Enjoy your Tuesday ~ although it totally feels like Monday to me!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

On vacation work for 5 days straight! Woohoo!

I've got some running around to do today but then we are cruising home this afternoon and I can't wait. I've even made a special DEGA playlist to get us pumped up (not that I need much pumping up -- more for Eddie -- it's been a long week for him). We will be staying at my Mom and Bob's tonight and will go out to the campground tomorrow morning bright and early!

And although he's switched from one of my favorite colors (WAR EAGLE) to one of my least favorite colors I'm still going to be supporting him and even wearing a new red shirt!

Go Cutie Tony!

So peace out until Tuesday! And trust me there will be plenty of pics to recap this trip! =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth to you...

Today is EARTH DAY!
And we can all do a little more to help out our planet. One of the easiest, cheapest things is using re-usable grocery bags every week instead of getting plastic (at the very least ask for paper).
In honor of earth day and in support of my girl Rachael Ray and Kraft Foods here is a way you can get a FREE re-usable bag! See here for all the info.

Also, here are some other freebies in honor of going green!

This is all I have for now but I'll be sure to post anything else I come across today!

Doing something good for the Earth today!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little happys

I found these canisters last week at the thrift store -- all 4 of them for $5. I was pretty excited about them!

I also wanted to brag on my brother in law for these super cute stickers he made for us. Don't you love them? He's good like that! Thanks Brian!


Monday, April 20, 2009

garden's been planted...

What a good weekend! We planted our little mini garden Saturday morning. Fingers crossed we actually grow something edible! We got 3 different kinds of tomato's {including some cherry tomato's for salads}, banana peppers {hot and sweet}, bell peppers {3 different kinds}, okra and some cilantro and rosemary.
Tools =)
Where we planted the garden -- the before shot.
The after shot. Keith built the box -- he did such a good job! =)
The tomato's are in the big box - 6 plants total.
The peppers are in the smaller planter boxes.
The okra is in the round planter.

Our herbs -- inside. In the cute little pots.

Also, Keith finally got his birthday present put on his truck! It looks really good -- hope you enjoy it buddy~ better late than never! =)
Yesterday we watched Slumdog Millionaire and I have to say it was pretty good. Sometimes movies that win lots of awards are a little weird to me but I liked this one! You can go here and watch the trailer if you are interested.
Only 3 days of work this week!! Yeah!