Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another one bites the dust

For those of you who know Cooper the below pictures will not surprise you!
Poor little toy -- never stood a chance!

Caught red handed!

He was trying to get the "squeaker" out and he succeeded!
Worn out from all that chewing!
He is a mess! But so entertaining and I really couldn't imagine life without him!

On a completely different and random note -- the Twilight Series. I may be way late on discovering this but Stephenie Meyer was writing a 5th book -- I say "was" because the partial draft was illegally posted to internet and so she has put the project on hold indefinitely. Tears. You can go here and read all the details and she actually posted the partial draft and you can read it. I've spent the last 2 nights reading it! It is Edward's version of the first book, Twilight! It was so good and I'm really upset that it got leaked and she isn't going to finish it because it just ends halfway through! Keith thinks it's all a marketing ploy...but we'll see!


Kathy Jo said...

I have GOT to read those!!! Poor, Coopie!!! Maybe we'll just buy him squeaky toys from now on!!! :)


Harper's Mommy said...

Why don't you post pictures of the really funny stuff that he chews to shreds-like your underwear?? :) Silly dog, but so cute too!

BeLLa said...

Yeah Tiff - Shan, we got to see his artwork 1st hand this past weekend. I expected to see the Tigger Eddie bought him for Easter imploded and your den full of styrofoam pellets.

With a face like that, you can't help but LOVE him!