Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are you hooked?

On the new craze - Twilight? I must admit when I first heard what it was about I thought no way would I like it. Well, I was right...I didn't like it, I loved it! My friend Lacey talked me into reading the first book and I was hooked immediately! I borrowed all 4 books from her and read them all in a matter of days. I'm a big reader but I'm talking investing 10 hours on a Sunday to these books. It was crazy how good they were! Well, the DVD just came out and Lacey loaned it to us and Eddie and I watched it this past Sunday. I have to say for a book turned movie it was awesome. It followed the book really closely. Even Eddie liked it! So I totally recommend it and all the books. The second book, The New Moon, is also being made into a movie and comes out November 20, 2009. Can't wait!

click here for a sneak preview of Twilight. and then go rent it because it's good!

P.S. It doesn't hurt that Rob Pattinson who plays the main character Edward Cullen is a total fox!


Harper's Mommy said...

A total make me laugh!

I *Heart* You said...

Robert Pattinson makes me wish I was a cougar. :)