Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dega pictures ~ as promised

*Warning* -- this is a long one...lots of pictures! So settle in for a while and have a look!

About to pull out of our driveway - Keith reluctantly let me write on the windows. He's not really of fan of this but it screams DEGA to me!

Some Jeep we came up on driving home -- this baby was loaded down!

I also took the liberty of writing on Mom's windows - she was thrilled!

Finally there!

The entrance

The backstretch where we sit - Allison Grandstands

Me and Jon

A picture looking out from where we camp - all you can see is campers!

Me & Mom

All of the guys Friday night - we'll most of them.

Memphis boys Saturday morning - Lee {the shirtless one} had a mullet hat that he wore!
It was awesome!

Me and the hubs

Bacon and Cameron

Our little camping area

The signs on our camper - they're awesome

Nationwide Race on Saturday

Siblings -


Patti & Sarah

Keith, Candy, Brain & Tiff

This is Sunday morning before the race. We were doing our pool - there is money on the line so it gets intense. Keith won 1st place on Saturday and La Sarah won on Sunday. Can't remember who got 2nd or 3rd either day ~ I just know it wasn't me!

Some other fun signs on our camper.
Some of the drivers riding around the track before Sunday's race.
This is Matt Kenseth {Keith's fav}.
Jr. - the obvious favorite at Talladega ~ although I don't know why!
David Ragen
Brad Keselowski - the winners of Sunday's race.
Mark Martin
Jon & Blake doing the chicken dance.

the fly over - one of my favorite parts!
Tony #14 - mine and Mom's fav.
Coming into Turn 2.
Me & Mom
Olivia, Lacey & Tiff
The whole group {minus 3} - it's kinda hard to make us all out.
In the back of the truck after the race - riding back to the campsite.
That was the last picture I took - kind of a random stopping point but the rest of the night was pretty low key. Several people left Sunday night and the rest of us followed bright and early Monday morning. Hope you enjoyed a sampling of the pics. I also took a video of a couple of laps that I might try and post later.


~Sarah~ said...

Porky! I have been waiting to see the pictures!! I have checked the blog almost every thirty min. You always seem to find one where I am making the ugliest face, but not this time!! Thanks! I am kinda depressed thats it's all over, I wish I could go back a relive the weekend. But it's back to reality and we have to wait a whole year. :( Anyways, Thank You for everything!! I had the best time ever!

Love you guys,(no space)

La Sarah and Bacon!

Harper's Mommy said...

You all make me proud...
Love you and hate that I missed it!

BeLLa said...

I'm exhausted all over again after seeing the awesome pics ~ we do know how to plan a party and have a great time! hope you are able to get video loaded. much thanks to your hubby for all of his had work. love you baby girl, xoxo