Monday, April 20, 2009

garden's been planted...

What a good weekend! We planted our little mini garden Saturday morning. Fingers crossed we actually grow something edible! We got 3 different kinds of tomato's {including some cherry tomato's for salads}, banana peppers {hot and sweet}, bell peppers {3 different kinds}, okra and some cilantro and rosemary.
Tools =)
Where we planted the garden -- the before shot.
The after shot. Keith built the box -- he did such a good job! =)
The tomato's are in the big box - 6 plants total.
The peppers are in the smaller planter boxes.
The okra is in the round planter.

Our herbs -- inside. In the cute little pots.

Also, Keith finally got his birthday present put on his truck! It looks really good -- hope you enjoy it buddy~ better late than never! =)
Yesterday we watched Slumdog Millionaire and I have to say it was pretty good. Sometimes movies that win lots of awards are a little weird to me but I liked this one! You can go here and watch the trailer if you are interested.
Only 3 days of work this week!! Yeah!


Kathy Jo said...

I love the garden!!! You guys did a GREAT job!! Makes me want to go out and plant some maters!!! YUM!!

I love you!

Harper's Mommy said...

I love your cute monogrammed pots! Your garden looks awesome and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too that they all do well. You have a perfect spot for what you did! I also love the brush guard on Keith's truck-it looks really good! Hope today goes by fast for you!

BeLLa said...

You're garden is year I bet you both will want to make a bigger one. Also great that it is so close to your water. Just don't over-water the tomatoes.

Ditto from Shannon -- your crafty pots are really cute! xoxo