Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm back...

but only barely at this point. We had a great trip and loads of fun but back to reality today and I'm exhausted! I couldn't even bring myself to upload the pictures from the camera to the computer last night but I promise I will tonight. And then I'll go through all 258 of them and share the best ones with you! I really couldn't bring myself to do anything when we got back yesterday except unload the car, shower {a long hot shower - camping really makes you appreciate those!} and crash on the couch. I did get to catch up on my tv shows though and that was nice.
So I promise tomorrow's post will be much better and with lots of pictures! But since I'm not really a fan of posts without pictures I thought I would leave you with at least one.

I missed this guy this weekend and we were all glad to get back home yesterday!
Enjoy your Tuesday ~ although it totally feels like Monday to me!


Whitney said...

LUCKY YOU 4 DAY WEEK! I miss you terribly! I can't wait to see pictures and hear your stories (I'm sure you have at least one really good one!) Love you. I know coop missed you too!

BeLLa said...

The weekend was so much fun! But Tiff, you are right -- all that fun is exhausting. I can't wait to see pics since I only took about 4 pics.

So glad you guys came to the race! xoxo