Monday, April 6, 2009

It was a success...

Here are some pictures from the truck driving championship I hosted this weekend for work.

Creative use of duck tape - thanks to Eddie!
goodie and snack table
kids stuff
more kids stuff
super cool inflatable race cars
course start line
guys starting the day with a written test
some of the judges
guy maneuvering through in the tractor trailer
backing into one of the obstacles
some of the supporters
Overall, I think it turned out great! The weather was great-- we all got some raccoon eyes!
Big thanks to my Dad for coming to help and a big thanks to Keith, who did a lot of running around for me that day!
I'm still not fully rested -- it was a long weekend but a good one!
Happy Monday!


Patti said...

I know you worked really hard getting everything organized. Looks like everyone had a great time. luv u!

Kathy Jo said...

Your dad said you did a GREAT job!!! But we knew you would! I am sure it will be bigger next year!!