Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little happys

I found these canisters last week at the thrift store -- all 4 of them for $5. I was pretty excited about them!

I also wanted to brag on my brother in law for these super cute stickers he made for us. Don't you love them? He's good like that! Thanks Brian!



Harper's Mommy said...

Cute canisters and such a deal! I want to see your sweat shirt. I love the sticker. I put mine and Blake's on our car yesterday. Brian is good. I want more!

Anonymous said...

I remember my mother had the metal cannisters when I was going up. That was 45 years ago.


Tiffany said...

Bob - that's awesome...I knew they were vintage!

BeLLa said...

The canisters really are awesome...and I'm sure they look great with your appliances.

Thanks Brian - love the sticker too!


Whitney said...

I'm in love with the canisters!! What a find!! Love the sticker too!! Miss your pretty face! I hope ya'll have a blast this weekend. I kind of wish you weren't going... see my post as to why! I forgot what weekend it was and we have room for extras!! SAD!