Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pics from the weekend

First of all -- My sister did find out yesterday what she is having. If you are curious then go check out her blog -- it's pretty exciting!!!
Here are some pictures from this past weekend - the egg hunt!
Opening an egg she found to see if it had money in it! She kept opening them and saying "more money" -- it was hilarious!
The kiddies who hunted eggs.
What all the adults did while the kids hunted eggs!
Collecting prizes for their eggs.
Harpy's basket full of eggs!
She found lots!
Silly string was one of the prizes which led to a silly string war!

Me and my buddy!
It was a great weekend with lots of family time!


Kathy Jo said...

What fun we had!! I am so glad you guys got to come home!!! I love you both!

Whitney said...

Tiff you look beautiful in these pictures!! I am sorry we never got to meet up. Looks like ya'll had a blast!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!! Love you! W

H2's Mommy said...

Tiff-these pictures are all so cute! Of course I think Harper looks precious as always if I do say so myself! You look just as good as always too! XOXO
-your sister!