Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm super excited that today is Friday. I'm so looking forward to this weekend. We don't have any plans and I'm looking forward to doing nothing!
A few things on the agenda include: planting some of the below. This will be my first time so if anyone has any good tips I'm all ears! I think I'm also going to try some peppers and some okra.
I will also be making a trip to Joanne's to look at some fabric and get some supplies for some upcoming projects. And I'm sure there will be a good amount of time spent lounging on the couch, catching up on TV shows and watching movies.
What are your plans? Whatever they are I hope you have a great weekend.


BeLLa said...

Tip you will LOVE gardening. One thing to remember when planting tomatoes is to plant them DEEP. Grape tomatoes are awesome for salads.

Can't wait to see your new projects. xoxo

Harper's Mommy said...

Tiff-I'm so the opposite of you! I'm thinking what are we going to do since we don't have any plans for the weekend! I love doing stuff! Good luck on your veges! I'll be happy to sample your peppers and okra if you need me to once they're grown. :) Happy Friday!