Sunday, May 31, 2009

A great day to get married!

Apparently because both my sister and one of my best friends were married on May 31st.

My precious sister married Blake back in '03. I can't believe it's already been 6 years. And now they have precious Harper and another baby girl on the way - who is still nameless (c'mon guys...).
Sweet Whitney and Beau were married last year! And what a year they've had -- they are going to welcome little Fearing in about 2 months!
Congrats guys!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Number Cruncher

Is what I'll be tomorrow. I have to take inventory - blah! One of the four glorious times a year! They usually go either way...either really good or really bad! Let's just say hopefully I'll still have a job come Monday. =)
{image via flickr}

Not much else planned. Just taking it easy. What about you?

Thursday, May 28, 2009


So, this is a random post because I have several things I want to mention.
First, have any of you ever had barbecue nachos? I hadn't until we moved to Memphis and let me tell you they are delicious! They are our favorite thing to order here and we've even made them at home several times. Pretty easy: yellow corn chips, bbq, bbq sauce, nacho cheese, peppers, and we put a dry rub bbq seasoning on them. We actually made these Monday night. Try them and let me know what you think!
Second, I can not get enough corn lately. It's on sale 4 for $1 and it is fresh and so good! Question: how do you eat your corn? Around or across like a type writer? Keith and I eat ours differently and each think the other's way is weird. I'm pretty sure my way is right. =)
And finally, I can not wait for this movie to come out. You can go and watch the trailer here. It is from the same guys who wrote Old School! So, I'm sure it will be hilarious. It comes out next weekend and I really want to go!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

gone swimming

The doggies also had lots of fun this past weekend. They love the lake.
Coop prefers to just wade around in it and drink it.
Hobbie really loves it too!
Coop's hair makes him look so much bigger than he really is. Check out those skinny legs.

They are best buddies! They also played lots of chase -- poor little Cooper's legs are just a tad too short to ever catch Hobbie.

Cooper was exhausted. He literally slept all the way home and all day Monday - I don't even think he ate he was so tired. He is slowly getting rested up!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day weekend fun

What a fun weekend! I'm so sad it's over. They always go by too fast! Below are some pictures from the weekend - I was taking pictures in spurts so I didn't get everything. Friday night all the kids had a great dinner with my Dad and Kathy. I didn't get any pics from that and I didn't get any pics with Shan, Blake or Harper. Sad! Saturday we spent the day on the boat, eating BBQ and hanging out. We went out Saturday night to the local dive bar in Pell City! Good times! Sunday we spent more time on the lake and then I left late Sunday afternoon to go pick Keith up from the airport. Then we cruised on home. And yesterday was a typical end of the weekend lazy day for us! Lots of napping, snacking and catching up on our TV shows. Here are some pictures that I did take.
Sarah, me , Mom
Me and Sarah
Me and my little buddy enjoying a boat ride.
Hobbie loves the boat!
Us again...
Hobbie helping captain the boat
Mom, Granddad and Mary
Me and brother
Doing some dancing -- we did a lot of dancing!

A little blurry - but still good.

More dancing...
I think this is right after we finished doing the robot. It was obviously very funny!
and more dancing. Told you we did a lot.
Practically part of the fam.
Sunday - back on the boat with much better weather!
And what a perfect ending to such a fun weekend! A pretty rainbow.
Is it July 4th yet?

Friday, May 22, 2009

weekend plans

Happy long weekend friends! When you guys are reading this I'll be heading to the 'ham {the beauty of scheduling posts! and of having Friday off}. I'm dropping the hubs off at the airport. He's hopping a jet plane out to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Lucky him! But that's okay because I'm heading to spend the weekend on the lake with the fam and I'm really looking forward to it!
Okay, I know this random but we love the show Gary Unmarried. Any of you watch it? It's hilarious! Well, we were watching this weeks show and we noticed that they have our bedding. Sorry the above pic is so's all I could find! Isn't that so random! Just thought I would share.
Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So, I forgot to show you guys the rosemary. Pretty good, huh?
I figured it needed a trim so I thought I would use it with some chicken and make something. I started looking for a recipe but I didn't want to go to the store so I improvised and used the below to make something.
I mixed together bread crumbs, salt, pepper and the rosemary. Then dredged {<--I watch Rachael Ray} the chicken in it.
Tossed it in skillet of EVOO {again, Rachael Ray} and browned both sides.
Then I poured in some chicken stock and turned the heat down. I covered it and let it keep cooking.
It was pretty good!
Next time, I'll look up a actual recipe and have all the ingredients to take even more advantage of the fresh rosemary.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here are some pictures of our little garden currently. It's really grown so much in a month!
This is what it looked like a month ago. Told you it's really grown!2 bell peppers
Peppers are in the planter boxes -- okra is in the round planter

more maters with my crazy cilantro in the foreground
another view of my bell peppers - that one guy is getting pretty big
Coop REALLY wants to dig and eat the garden...but he's been good so far!
Doesn't it look yummy? I can't wait till I can pick some of it and try it out. I'm thinking maybe another month or two -- I really don't's my first time but so far nothing has died!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

growing like a weed

This stuff is working wonders. The garden is really taking off. I have several tomato's growing, a bell pepper that is looking really good and several other peppers! And the cilantro is out of control! It's been about a month since I planted it. I'm going to take some pictures to post in the next day or two so you guys can see the progress. It's exciting! Plus it doesn't hurt that we've had lots of rain lately therefore I've hardly done any work. But the few times I have watered them (yesterday included) I have used the above plant food. So, stay posted for some pics. And hopefully, eventually, some recipes made with some home grown ingredients!

Monday, May 18, 2009

good times

We had a really great weekend with Mitch and Amanda! They are awesome and we hope they come back and visit again very soon! Below are some pictures from our weekend!
Coop waiting on them to arrive --- somebody needs a haircut! Heading into BBQ fest
Me & Amanda All the tents down on the river
A funny tent with a great name! "Swine & Dine" {the flag covered up the "e"}
Keith got roped in to working for a bit when we got there.
Sarah- this picture is for you. "NACHO" cheese.
Amanda, Me, Jasmine
I thought this picture was sweet
Another cute sign
Saturday we went and bet on the Preakness. The philly, Rachel Alexandra, was the favorite and she won. Which made us very happy because we all bet on her! Afterwards we went over to Lacey and Jared's and hung out. They cooked lots of yummy food too!

Lacey & Keith

We played lots of LCR! Amanda won mostly-- lucky. But I can't complain because I won $50 on a race pool we did! Thanks to my boy, Tony!

Yesterday we ate lunch before they left and then Keith and I were lazy all day. We caught up on all of our shows that we missed last week when we were slaving working on the camper. And did anyone else watch the Grey's Anatomy season finale. I know I'm a few days behind but can I just say WOW!! I can't get over it...I woke up this morning thinking about it and it gives me chills now to think about it. Crazy!