Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day weekend fun

What a fun weekend! I'm so sad it's over. They always go by too fast! Below are some pictures from the weekend - I was taking pictures in spurts so I didn't get everything. Friday night all the kids had a great dinner with my Dad and Kathy. I didn't get any pics from that and I didn't get any pics with Shan, Blake or Harper. Sad! Saturday we spent the day on the boat, eating BBQ and hanging out. We went out Saturday night to the local dive bar in Pell City! Good times! Sunday we spent more time on the lake and then I left late Sunday afternoon to go pick Keith up from the airport. Then we cruised on home. And yesterday was a typical end of the weekend lazy day for us! Lots of napping, snacking and catching up on our TV shows. Here are some pictures that I did take.
Sarah, me , Mom
Me and Sarah
Me and my little buddy enjoying a boat ride.
Hobbie loves the boat!
Us again...
Hobbie helping captain the boat
Mom, Granddad and Mary
Me and brother
Doing some dancing -- we did a lot of dancing!

A little blurry - but still good.

More dancing...
I think this is right after we finished doing the robot. It was obviously very funny!
and more dancing. Told you we did a lot.
Practically part of the fam.
Sunday - back on the boat with much better weather!
And what a perfect ending to such a fun weekend! A pretty rainbow.
Is it July 4th yet?


~LaSarah~ said...

SO MUCH FUN! I can not wait unil July 4th! Hopefully the weather will be great- but it wasn't too bad this weekend! I had a blast! Thanks for everything. Talk to you soon! Love you!

BeLLa said...

We really did have a lot of fun and it was great seeing and hanging out with all of my babies! xoxo