Friday, May 8, 2009

New Set of Wheels

Happy Friday!
Not doing much this weekend - just taking it easy but sometimes those are the best ones! Unfortunately I won't be at home to spend time with my Mom on Mother's Day or my little brother on his birthday but I'll be thinking of them and hope they have very happy days!

Cooper was such a good boy at the vet yesterday. He is super healthy and is now up to date for another year on all his vaccinations. He weighed 18.8 lbs. which is exactly what he weighed last year ~ for some reason this really fascinates me!

Some other news....we are now proud owners of a camper! My grandparents (my dad's parents) have been avid campers for 40 years but they recently decided that they would hang that hat up and lucky for Keith and I they passed it on to us. So, last weekend we went home and bought their camper. I thought I would share some photos (especially for you Anonymous Bob).

*I should also add some type of disclaimer here that there is a plan behind this camper and eventually my brother will be the proud owner. Right, Jon?*

In front of our house. It is currently sitting in our driveway but we will be moving it to a storage unit soon to keep from looking too Mississippish.

A peek inside - bunk beds in the back corner.

Kitchen table that also makes into a bed.Bathroom behind the door with the mirror.
view from the bathroom Bathroom

So, what do you think? We are really excited. We've already got our first little weekend trip planned in June! Some great memories have been made with this camper and I just know there are some more good times to be had.


Harper's Mommy said...

I know that you both will have a lot of fun with this camper! I also know one brother that sure knows how to work his sister! :)

Whitney said...

She is a real beaut, Clark!! Congrats and Happy Trails to the newest members of the camper-owner world! I will admit, I would love one especially for Auburn weekends in the fall. I hope ya'll enjoy it. I know all about 'helping out' the younger sibs... I think it is great! (My sister tried to convince me not to sell my house so she could live in when she finishes school next year... B didn't go for that one.)
Glad to hear Coop was a good boy!
And I cracked up yesterday when Bob posted under funny!!
I hope your weekend is wonderful! Love ya!

Tiffany said...

Whit - your comment made me laugh out loud! love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. Hope eddy has a lock for the hitch so no mississippi redneck can steal it!

BeLLa said...

I'm so happy for you - you guys are going to have some great times vacationing in your camper. Can't wait to see the make-over.

Happy Trails...xoxo

ps. I'm pretty sure Jon thinks he has an awesome sis!