Monday, June 22, 2009

1st camping trip

The camping trip was awesome! We had a blast and I think it's safe to say that we will be doing lots more of it! I'm going to recap below with some pics!

This was the view from our campsite! Not bad, huh?! We had an awesome spot!

There's Coopie! He did so good! I was a little worried about him because he is a barker but he only barked a little {mostly at little kids riding their bikes -- hopefully it was the bikes he was barking at!}.
Our set up!
Standing in the doorway of the camper - notice it's a little blurry around the edges of this pic. Well, I didn't do that on purpose. It was so cold inside and so hot outside that every time I came out to take pictures my lens would immediately fog up!

My 2 guys!

Again...inside this time

Saturday morning we headed to the beach area -- it was so nice! And felt especially good considering how hot it was outside!
Very pretty day!
A look down the beach area
A barge that came through on Saturday.
Me and my buddy hanging out -- Coop spent most of his time here!
Playing cards...
A favorite for the 4 of us.
Also did a little fishing....
But didn't catch anything...

Coop just chilled most of the time. He loved being outside - well, he pretty much loves anywhere we I am!
I put a towel down for him to lay on but he preferred the ground! Typical boy I guess.
Family pic in front of the camper on our 1st camping trip!

Our fire Saturday night. We sure didn't need it for warmth but it came in handy when it was s'more time!
Group shot!
It was an awesome weekend! I'm already looking forward to the next camping trip!

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Kathy Jo said...

Tiff, I am so excited about your camping trip!!! It looks like you guys had a GREAT time!! I can't wait to join you in August!!!!

I love you!!