Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cans for Pets

Memphis has a local program called Cans for Pets. It is run by the Memphis Humane Society along with Anheuser-Busch Recycling Corporation. Basically you just drop off your cans in this huge red bin and then they use the money to buy food for the local shelters. 1 lb. of cans will buy 2 lbs. of food! Keith discovered this and decided that this is where we'll be taking our cans from now on. He actually dropped our most recent collection off today!
You can read all about it here.


Anonymous said...

What kind of cans....................would that be steel or alumn?

How many numbers are on a bar code of Newton Fruit Crisps?

What do the numbers add up to?


Tiffany said...

There are 10 digits on a Newton Fruit Crisp bar code. All of our products have a 10 digit # actually! The Newton # is 44000-01876 (for the mixed berry flavor - my personal favorite). You can do the math!

BeLLa said...


Anonymous said...

U R a smart person!

Keep up the good work!