Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The fruit of our labor...

We actually got to eat the first batch of home grown veggies. And they were so good - gardening is really rewarding!
Updated shot of the garden
Ripe tomato's peeking through
Not quite ready...but I'm thinking of making some fried green tomato's.

Okra - it's getting there....
Used them to make a delicious salad - it was so good I'm having another one for lunch!


BeLLa said...

your garden is doing great - i can't wait for ours to be ready.

it is rewarding to see your efforts come to fruition. xoxo

p.s. next is canning...i'm game if you are.

Anonymous said...

i saw a recipe for peppers, slice long ways in half, clean seeds out, put cream cheese in, wrap with bacon and grill.

Harper's Mommy said...

So do you eat Bleu Cheese dressing? Just wondering! Your veges look so good! Do you think you could mail me a pepper?? That salad looked so good too! Wish I had planted some stuff now. Good job!
PS-I made 2 posts tonight so check it out!