Monday, June 8, 2009

Good times...

We had the best weekend! Friday night was awesome. Both Sister Hazel and Train were great! Plus the venue was so cool!
I only took in our little camera so these pictures aren't the greatest!
This is a shot from our seats - the tables were reserved and everything else was first come. We got really good seats!


They had huge screens set up that you could watch if you couldn't see the stage good.

Starting to fill up
I know this picture is totally out of focus but I really like it!

Sister Hazel again...

Jared and Richard came too!
The rest of the weekend was just as great! Saturday was a productive day and then we went to a birthday party Saturday night that was a blast! And yesterday we went and saw The Hangover. It was hilarious {if you are into that kind of humor - obviously I am because I loved it}! We will definitely be buying it when it comes out.
Only have a 4 day week this week....gotta love those!

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