Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All done...

The bike is finished! Keith did a great job! He took the whole thing apart and sanded, buffed, primed, painted, and then finally put it back together. It's awesome and I love it.

I don't have that many pictures of the during process. And to be perfectly honest I wasn't around for much of it either. I would occasionally peak out in the garage to see where he was in the process but mostly without my camera.
This is during the priming stage.
The finished product. We rode bikes around the neighborhood on Sunday. It was so fun!
Action shot
Another one!
Doesn't it look so shiny and new! Keith even bought chrome spray paint for the basket and fenders. Now I have the best bike in the 'hood. Thanks Keith!


BeLLa said...

now you need a bicycle horn, streamers for the handle bars and cards w/clothespins for your tire flappers.....least that's what you wanted on your bike when you were grown up.....

keith you did a teriffic job. xoxo

Kathy Jo said...

I looove your bike!!!! Now you also need padding for your basket - don't want Coopie to ride in a hard basket!!! He needs a seat belt too!! Makes me wish I had my old bike back. I had one that was similar but was green!!! Have fun riding!!!!


Anonymous said...

You need a banana seat!

H2's Mommy said...

I love the did a great job Keith. Tiff-love the action pics too. The only bad part is this bike is screaming roll tide... :( just kidding! Tiff this is so you! Love you!