Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a beauty

I got an early birthday present this past weekend from Keith's family. Check it out below.
Isn't she a beauty?! She was Keith's grandmother's and we know she's at least 30 years old. I'm loving the basket and the piece behind the seat for people to ride on. You think Coopie will sit in that basket?!?
She's need a little TLC...okay, maybe a lot but we are going to make her shine again!
We've got alot going on in the next couple of weeks so this one make take us a little time but it will happen.
I can't wait to have this girl cleaned up so I can take her for a spin.


Lyryn said...

Oh my word! SO AWESOME! I love bikes like that. Great birthday present!

Whitney said...

She's a real beaut clark! I love it. It makes me think about Dorothy and Toto thinking of little coop in that basket!! I hope you enjoy it!!