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As promised but I'm warning you now, this is a looong one! But there was so much to see I had a hard time narrowing them down -- I promise there was another hundred or so I left out. Like I mentioned yesterday I was pleasantly surprised! I'm not some huge Elvis fan but it was really neat to see Graceland and I would totally recommend it if you are in Memphis!
Now here is a sneak peak!
Across the street from the actual house where you buy your tickets they have all sorts of attractions. Restaurants, ice cream parlor, tons of shops, car museum, etc.
Here is the only picture of the 3 of us I got. In front of this beauty - man, I would love to have a car like this! And it's just my color too!
She's a beaut!
We ate lunch at one of the diners - this was inside. Just noticed the Elvis look a like in the picture!
After waiting about an hour and a half it was our turn to take the shuttle across the street to the house.
It was a pretty house and I imagine back then it was really something!!! Elvis bought it about 30 years after it was built for $100,000. I think it was 13.2 acres total -- or 13.8, can't remember exactly.
On the front porch - I loved this light fixture.
This was right inside the front door on the right - the sitting room. There is a baby grand piano in the back little room. All of the furniture and everything are still the same from when Elvis lived here.
Upstairs - which is not included as part of the tour. No one is allowed up there. But I imagine some of the workers have taken a sneak peak!
Couldn't resist! =)
This was Elvis' grandmothers room. She must have loved purple - even the bathroom was purple.
The dining room - there were lots of pretty chandeliers!

Family photo
The kitchen! So 70's right - with the carpet on the floor and the dark paneling!
And there was carpet everywhere - including on some of the ceilings!
This was my favorite room. It was the TV room.
All navy and yellow with Elvis' signature lightening bolt on the wall.
I actually really like the couch and all the pillows!

This is the pool table room! Lots and lots of fabric - it covered the ceiling and every wall! And the couch was covered in the same fabric.
The famous jungle room!
Waterfall on the wall
Jungle themed furniture...
That is actually all of the rooms in the main house you get to tour.
Leaving the house and going out to the garage. Lisa Marie's swing set.
His office was in the garage.
So was a shooting room.

The landscaping was awesome!
Did I mention the weather was perfect! Look how beautiful the sky was - and it was only about 83 degrees.
This is the pasture -- it cost $15 extra to tour the stables so we opted not too. We figured the basic $30 tour would be good enough for us!
Our camera's were attached to our faces most of the tour. Along with our headsets that were part of our audio tour.
They've built some other rooms to display all of his awards, records, costumes, etc. It was pretty incredible!

Walls and walls of records/awards.
Priscilla's wedding dress and Elvis' tux!
More costumes - most were from movies he did. I don't think I realized how many movies he did! I remember Ash used to love Elvis movies - her and her grandmom! =) She used to watch them in college!

Had to get a picture of the one with the tiger! War Eagle!
side note* only like 45 days until football season!
Isn't this crazy?
Where Elvis is now buried. He wasn't originally buried here but a couple weeks after he was buried his dad had him and his mom dug up and moved here for security reasons.
Hope you all enjoyed the little mini tour. They are making a killing! The cheapest ticket was $30 and the place was crazy packed! But I'm glad I went - after all you can't live in Memphis and not go to Graceland at least once, right!!

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Kathy Jo said...

I am so glad you went too!! I have been anticipating those pics!! It looks unbelieveable!! I would love to take a visit there just cause, well, just cause it's there!!! I liked the first pic - you with a stroller!!!! :)

I love you and can't wait to see you next week!!!