Thursday, July 2, 2009


It's already July {one of my favorite months!} so I thought I would go back and check out my list for June and see what all I accomplished.... Here goes:

1. Go Camping- done...see here.
2. Enjoy the sunshine and take Coop on lots of walks - we went on a few but it was a little too hot for him most days.
3. Sew more - I tried my hand at some baby gifts - you can check out a couple here.
4. Continue to keep my garden alive - this one has been good. I actually have a post on this coming soon. My bell peppers are ready...
5. Read a couple of books - actually only read 1 book...
6. Celebrate my Dad on Father's Day - I was a little late on this but I did.

Now, my list for July!
  1. Turn another year older -- not too thrilled about this one but I'm trying to embrace it! Also, Bob and I share the same b'day so we'll celebrate his too!
  2. Celebrate the 4th at the lake with my family
  3. Help Keith make over my new bike...see below!
  4. Celebrate my Dad's birthday -- I have something good planned for this!
  5. Start getting some gifts for Henley!!
  6. Enjoy a few low key weekends at home! I'm really looking forward to this one!

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