Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby gifts

I took so many pictures of the stuff Henley got that I decided to break up the post so I don't overload you with a million pictures at once.
These are all the items I made for Henley.
Diapee/wipee case
Some baby legs - these are so cute. I can't wait to see her in them!
Burp cloth
Another one
Bib - I actually didn't make this one - I ordered it
Auburn onesie with diaper cover {got this cute idea from Taylor and Sydney -- they made some for Fearing}
The back...little paw print
Matching outfits for Harper and Henley
Little monogrammed shoes -- so tiny!
The hostess gift - video monitor. These are the BEST! It is so neat to be able to actually see the baby instead of just hearing them!
The wreath

So sweet - "I love Mommy"

I can't wait for her to be here!
Lots more good stuff to come! Wait till you see the bassinet that my Mom made for Henley! That will be up tomorrow. It may take me all week to get through all these pictures!


BeLLa said...

you did so a GREAT job on everything. you are quite the creative one and i am so proud of you.

Sewing/monogramming/crafting is a great legacy to pass down to your children.

i am thankful that you and shannon have embraced my passion for making handmade items.

can't wait to see my creation in pics tomorrow. xoxox

Harper's Mommy said...

Tiff-thank you again for everything you did for Henley and Harper. The tea was perfect and you did an awesome job preparing for it. I love everything that you made. You are so talented and crafty! Can't wait to see you again! I love you so much!

Tiffany said...

Love the way "Henley and Harper" sounds! =) You are very welcome! Can't wait to see you either! Love you!