Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Buckie the deer

Meet Buckie.
He's an eight point buck that will eat out of your hand and take all the petting you want to give.
We heard rumors of him and finally found him on Friday. Sarah practically jumped out of the truck to go pet and feed him. She's an animal lover like that. Did you know the deer love grapes? Well, they do. These little girls had a whole bag and Buckie couldn't get enough.
Did you also know deer shed their antlers every year and grow them back out. I didn't. I learned that this trip. Notice Buckie's antlers are velvety {not a word, I know} looking - they are in the process of growing back out.
Good Buckie.
He liked watermelon too.
This little lady was just hanging out on the side of the road so I snapped her picture.
It was amazing how close they would let you get.


BeLLa said...

that is so awesome. and i did not know that about their antlers. there was a lot of neat things going on in guntersville, al. xoxo

Harper's Mommy said...

I learned something new too!