Monday, August 17, 2009

The Great Outdoors

We had a great time camping! Here are some pictures of the last 5 days.
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We saw these guys the first day there.
They were just wandering through the campgrounds. They were everywhere!
Abby and Cooper. They did really good. I think Cooper likes camping. Well, he pretty much likes anywhere we are.
Just sitting around. We did lots of this! Jon and Sarah stayed with us the whole time. Dad & Kathy stayed in the lodge. My grandparents rode up a couple of days to hang out. Blake, Shan, Harper, Jason & Kinsey all rode up on Saturday to spend the day and eat dinner.

About to go hiking.

Family picture
We hiked to a cave.
Going inside.
La Sarah

Inside the cave.
Group shot
Sun starting to set

We did some swimming. This is Sarah & Keith. Notice the lake in the background.
Keith, Me, Sarah & Jon
Me and little buddy
Dad & Jon
We ate some watermelon
Jon really ate some watermelon

Harpy taking some pics
A picture she drew for me!
Shan, Prec, me waiting to eat at Top O The River - sooo good!
Harpy's doggy - according to Shan the only kind she'll ever have. Sad! Aunt Tiff will buy her one!
Me & Prec "cheesin"

We got a new neighbor - this thing was so nice.
And huge. And did I mention how nice it was!!
Sarah gathering some pine straw to help our fire get started.
It was a great, relaxing couple of days. I really like camping. We ate good, played games, played some golf (I wish I had taken my camera - this was the craziest course ever but I did shoot my first birdie. It was awesome.), and just hung out. And of course it went by way too fast! Now back to reality.


morgan823 said...

It looks like yall had fun! I think Harper needs a doggy one day too. Maybe you can buy her one!

Harper's Mommy said...

Love all of the pics! Glad yall didn't forget the cooler on your hike! Harpy's dog-Fluff Fluff is just fine for her. :) She has plenty of "dog cousins" to play with! Glad we got to hang out and spend time together. Can't wait to see you this weekend too! Harper will be excited to see you too! Love you!

~Sarah~ said...

I had a blast! I can't wait to do it again! Where to next??? Maybe one day when Hobbie gets old and calms down he can join us! But I doubt that is every going to happen! Can't wait to see you in couple weeks for the first AUBURN game!! Also if you don't get Harper a dog one day then I'm going to have to be the one to do it!

Harper's Mommy said...

Sarah-I doubt that...unless you and Tiff can come up with a great place to keep the little doggie! :)