Thursday, August 6, 2009

Henley was showered!

So, as you all know by now we had a tea for Shannon and Henley last weekend. It was a monogram tea since this is Shannon's favorite - everything Harper has is monogrammed. She got the most adorable, unique stuff. I've included lots of pictures so you all can see it.
Sign in table
Petit Fours
Picture of the food table
Adorable watermelon carriage
Onesie cloths line
Henley's bedding
Mommy to be
Shannon and Morgan
All the hostesses
Me, Morgan, Shannon, Amanda, Teresa, Brandi with little Hudson
Mom & Sisters
Harper in her Big Sis outfit loving on baby Hudson

Just some randoms

Big Sister Gifts

Beautiful gown my mom made (Henley's Bella)
Again with little monogrammed shoes
Her bedding (again)!
Close up
Toy tub

Gifts galore
War Eagle!
One of the many gifts from Nonnie and Popsy

Gifts from Aunt Sarah
Washcloth centerpiece that Brandi made

cute diaper bag
Letters Lee made - so cute
Harper in her new Auburn squeakers - precious!
Shan & Heidi
See, it was worth it, huh?! She got so much cute stuff! The child is loved so much already! I can't wait to meet her!


Harper's Mommy said...

You are such an awesome blogger and sister for taking the time to blog about my tea! You took some great pictures...thank you again! Can't wait to see you! Love you!

BeLLa said...

what an awesome day ~ yes thank you very much for taking great pics and for sharing. xoxo