Monday, August 10, 2009

Must see...

Have you guys seen this?
My Dad & Kathy kept recommending it so we finally watched it Saturday night. It didn't disappoint. It was reeallllyyy good! You guys should check it out.
We had a pretty relaxing weekend. Friday night we went to dinner with some friends. Saturday I ran some errands and lil Coop got a haircut. I need to put some pics up of him - he looks like a different dog. He's really short but just as precious. Yesterday we ran some more errands and did some stuff around the house. It was great not having any pressing plans.
This is a really short week for us. We are heading on vacation Wednesday. We are going camping with the family at Lake Guntersville. I can't wait. I'm so ready for some time off!
Hope you all have a great Monday.


Kathy Jo said...

I am so glad you guys saw this movie!! Taken should be next on your list of "must see"'s!!!! I am wanting to see Obsessed really bad!

I can't wait for our camping trip! I am ready and so is Abby - got all her camping gear yesterday! I can't wait to see you ALL!!!!! :)

I got a few things to keep me busy while sitting and relaxing!!!

Kathy Jo

BeLLa said...

heard that movie was good, but i haven't seen it yet. can't wait to see pics of coop - sure he will love his new do for the dog days of summer, no pun intended =)

hope ya'll have a great trip. xoxo