Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New do and a tire cover

Somebody is feeling a little spunky with his new haircut!

He is short! But we are going to be spending lots of time outside over the next 5 days so I know he'll appreciate it! Night time might be rough since we are sleeping in an ice box. That is our fond nickname for the camper at night. Let's just say the air works great! But it is either on or off so it gets cold at night. Last time I literally had to cover Cooper up and he was snuggled up right underneath me!

We've been looking for a tire cover and Keith finally found one last time we were home. Of course, it had to be an Auburn one! Looks pretty good if I do say so myself!
Love it! And love that other sticker on the bumper. As you know we got the camper from my grandparents and there was no way we were taking this sticker off - it's hilarious!
Well, we are loading her up tonight and hitting the road early in the morning to make the 5 hour trek to Lake Guntersville. I can't wait! I'll be back Monday and I'm sure I'll have a gazillion pictures to share!

1 comment:

BeLLa said...

aawwhh, cooper looks so little but i'm sure he will appreciate the cut over the next few days.

camper looks really good ~ bumper sticker is funny (but not too funny bec i'm almost there). xoxo