Friday, August 7, 2009

Paint me a picture

So, I can't believe it's already the weekend and I'm still talking about last weekend. It was just that we packed so much into last weekend and I didn't want to skip over any of it.
After the baby shower, we switched gears and hosted a paint party. Not sure if you guys are familiar with either of these companies in Birmingham, Sips N Strokes or ArtBuzz, but you should definitely check them out. They are essentially the same thing. They allow you to get together with your friends, bring the beverage of your choice and come to their studio and they will walk you through creating a masterpiece. You view their calendar online so you can select which night you want to attend based on which picture you are interested in painting. You should check them out if you haven't done so already.
Well, we went through ArtBuzz and held a private party. These are so much fun! They come to your house and set everything up. It is more intimate because in the studio you can have a class up to 60 people.

Sarah & I before the party
Me & Mom
Getting all set up to paint
This is where the instructor stands so she can take you through the steps. It really isn't as difficult as you might imagine.
Me & Brandy
This is the inspiration for the picture we painted.
Samford Hall in Auburn - WAR EAGLE!
This is the instructor's
The group - everyone's turned out so great. It was neat to see how different they all were but they were all really good!

This was mine. We are going to hang it in our Auburn room.Last weekend was so busy - I'm really looking forward to just hanging around this weekend and relaxing! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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BeLLa said...

This was so much fun -- i think everyone's turned out great. It was good to see everybody too!

You are the best party planner. xoxo