Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend update

We had a great weekend. One of those weekends where you have no plans and just enjoy yourself. We enjoyed dinner Friday night with some friends at Buffalo Wild Wings - one of my favs. It was yummy.
I had a small interruption to my weekend Saturday morning. I had to come into work and take inventory. We only do it 4 times a year but I swear it feels like I'm doing it every time I turn around! Oh's done now.

Saturday afternoon we took our WaveRunner to the lake near our house for a couple of hours. We decided we needed to do one more "summer" activity before it officially becomes fall at our house. Which will happen this weekend when college football kicks off and takes over our lives!
Sunday we went to church and ran errands and were just lazy. It was great. I also read the first Harry Potter book this weekend - I really liked it. My friend Lacey is an avid reader and she is always loaning me books to read - she wants me to read the Harry Potter series. I really liked the first one and it was an easy read so I'll probably make my way through this series.

Did you guys do anything special this past weekend?


BeLLa said...

Sewed...cleaned house...went out with friends Saturday night...sewed...went to morgan's baby shower sunday...did i mention that i sewed. xoxo

Jonathan said...

well we didn't do much... trying to rest up for this coming up weekend!

Harper's Mommy said...

I'm with mom...I sewed and sewed some more...did a little shopping...ate out a couple of times...sunday church...morgan's baby then bed. We didn't do a whole lot either. Ready for some football!