Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Such a great weekend! I can't believe it's already over! I've got lots of pics to share so settle in and enjoy!
We pulled into Auburn about lunch time on Friday. We marked our tailgate spot and then headed to lunch at Loco's. Afterwards Sarah and I did some shopping downtown and at the bookstores while the guys went and shot skeet. We headed to Niffer's Friday night for dinner. Haley, Kevin, Tammy and Kristen joined us and it was so yummy. Afterwards we hung out at 17-16, a really cool bar.
Our foursome
My buddy
Lil brother
All the girls
Saturday morning we were up and at 'em pretty early. We got out to start tailgating around 9:30! Such a fun day - and the weather was great. No rain, which we were worried about!
Melissa, Brandy and me
Jon and some of his friends...
One of my favorite Auburn girls...
The family -
Mom, me & Bob. Bob came in town and I'm so glad they came down for the game!
Me & Mom
Eddie and Bob being silly...

The eagle flying. This tradition is so awesome!! It's one of my favorite things about game day!
The eagle is in all that orange (it's like Where's Waldo). This particular flight was a good one. She kept circling around!

The band in their "AU" formation.

The team coming out...so exciting that football season is finally here!
I heart Aubie!
During the game...
Mom, Jon and Sarah's finger -- being silly as usual...

We pulled out an Auburn victory. 37-13 over Louisiana Tech. It was a great game and Auburn looked really good! But I know it is waayyy early so no telling what all will happen this season but that's the beauty of college football!
Sunday I got to meet up with my favorite new parents.
Beau, Whit & baby Fearing
Fearing is getting big - I could tell he had gotten bigger since I last saw him 2 weeks ago. He is so precious!
Toomer's Corner was rolled and I snapped a picture Sunday. We ate lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger. So good.
Downtown Auburn on our way to lunch.
Jon got some lemonade after lunch. Thanks to my Granddad who gave him a free lemonade coupon.
That afternoon we headed to Lake Martin to hear my favorite band, Sister Hazel.
It was awesome and the rain held off again. We got lucky with the weather!
Love them!

Being silly...

Listening to the race at the concert and even sporting his Kyle shirt. Nerd!
Love them too!
Monday morning we headed out of Auburn pretty early. This little guy did not have a good ride home. He got sick twice on the ride home and then again last night underneath our bed. I think he had too much fun! I have been worried and I went home at lunch to check on him and he seems okay. Just worn out. He better perk up soon or he's going to land himself at the vet's office! Just to make sure nothing is wrong.
And of course we enjoyed some free Chick-fil-A sandwiches yesterday. We spent the afternoon unpacking, doing laundry and being lazy! It was a great weekend! Like I said last week this weekend is one of my favorites all year. And it didn't disappoint this year!
Hope you all had a great long weekend!


~Sarah~ said...

This weekend was a blast and one of the best times of the year! Your right about that! It's never a dule moment! Thanks for everything, I had a great time! Hobbie had way too much fun too! He was so sleepy he couldn't even hold his eyes open to beg! Now it's back to the old schedule, I havn't had a second all day because I have so much homework to due for this week. :( Oh well, It was way worth it! I'll see you in a couple of weekends, when Henley arrives! Love you guys!

Jonathan said...

Somebody doesn't know how to spell....I had a blast this weekend too. Thanks for everything

Love you

~Sarah~ said...

EXCUSE ME! I have a lot of homework that's due! And it's never a dull moment! I was in a hurry to get to work! But thank you for pointing that out Jonathan!
You sure do a great job of correcting me Mr. Perfect!

BeLLa said...


We had a great time hanging out Saturday as well. I'm glad we came to AU during Bob's short trip home...so much fun.

You got some great pics. Hope Coopy feels better soon. xoxo