Thursday, September 3, 2009

To the Plains...

We are heading to one of my favorite places on earth! Yep, Auburn! This weekend is my favorite weekend of the year! Seriously!!! Only a few more hours and we are heading to the 'ham for the night and then off to AU bright and early tomorrow!

I can't wait to spend the 4 day weekend with these crazy kids!

We aren't the only ones getting some quality time with our buddies! Coop gets to see his best friend Hobbie!

Bright and early Saturday we'll be doing one of my favorite things. Tailgating!

With some of my favorite people! Minus Shan & Blake - sad! C'mon guys you know you want to come....

We have a night game - and it doesn't get any better than that!

Hopefully I can spot my favorite Aubie!!!

We'll be doing lots of cheering! Then Sunday night we are heading to Lake Martin to hear Sister Hazel - my favorite band ever. They have played the last 3 years and we haven't missed it. Jon & Sarah bought me tickets for my birthday! Thanks guys!{all these pics are from last year}

On our way back home on Monday we will be sure to stop by Chick-fil-A. They give away free food every Labor Day if you come in wearing your favorite teams gear! Last year it was chicken strips and they even gave Coopie some for having on his AU collar. This year is a sandwich. Be sure to go get you one!

Doesn't it sound fun! Throw in some good eating {Niffer's here I come} and some bookstore browsing and it really doesn't get any better!

Can't wait and here's to having lots of pictures to share on Tuesday and an Auburn victory to relish in. WAR EAGLE!


Anonymous said...

Be sure to drink one for me Tiff! Oh wait, have fun with the caffeine free beverage of your choice! War Eagle!

BB (you like how I have decided to participate in the blogs! Next thing, I'll be on facebook until 4 a.m.!)

Tiffany said...

Love it Blake! You should jump on that band wagon too!

~Sarah~ said...

I can't wait to see you all this weekend! We are going to have blast...eating, drinking, fish hooking, tiger walk, cheering, singing... man so much to do, so little time!!!! Hurry up and get here!! Hobbie's waiting for his best bud!
P.S. Shan Blake, and Harper- I wish you guys were coming! Maybe you should think about it a little more!!!

Kathy Jo said...

Sounds like a busy time but I hope you all have a GREAT time!!!!

Much love to you!!!!

BeLLa said...

this weekend does rate high on our list of fun....just under dega??? probably not.

la sarah -- did you say tiger walk or tiger slide down the hill?

note to self, pay attention.

yes tailgating all day with family and friends, a night game, and awesome weather.....oh what fun. xoxo