Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Making Room...

We recently cleared out our computer/sewing/work out room because that room now belongs to a certain little guy. So, I had to move my stuff into our bonus room which is Keith's man room. He was thrilled. He decided if I was moving in that it needed to take up a little room as possible and be organized so he decided to build me a new sewing table!

He used this piece of wood as the table top. It's a great length - will hold both the sewing machine and embroidery machine with some room to spare.
We used a night stand on one end. Which works out great because there is more storage.
The nightstand before.
All primed. Those are the legs we used on the other end of the table.

All painted black.

All finished and moved in. It really doesn't take up much room at all but there is plenty of work space.

Now we have a clean slate to decorate for our little boy! Can't wait to start on that!


Whitney said...

I can't wait to see!!! I am SOOOOO excited about sweet Sawyer! (So is Fearing!!) I miss you so much! Love you!

Anonymous said...

that computer has been a good investment! maybe GB will get "little eddie" one for his first .................valentine?


H2's Mommy said...

I LOVE your new table! Tell your tatented hubby that a new sewing table for me would be the best Christmas/Birthday present ever! It turned out great and your sewing area looks so cozy! Now it's time to start making your little boy some cute stuff!