Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spray painting 101

So, you guys know we just recently re-did the chest for the nursery, right?! Well, funny thing happened during that process. Funny is not the correct work because this little situation had a certain grown man freaking out!
Long story short - one of the spray paint cans became clogged so Keith went out to our side yard (which is right next to our drive way) and stuck a needle in the nozzle trying to unclog it. Well about the time the needle was inserted and paint started spraying out along came a big gust of wind. Which resulted in the below:

White spray paint all over Keith's black truck! It was bad!! It looked like a speckled Easter egg!
What else is bad is that we didn't even notice it! Keith finally noticed it later that night when he ran to the gas station. He was parked under those really bright lights and that is when he saw it. I thought he might cry. Keith takes really good care of his truck (of all of our stuff actually) and this had him sick.
So, by this point the paint had been on there close to 8 hours. So Sunday morning we tried everything to get it off. And we found some stuff that would take the white paint off (mineral spirits, gas, fingernail polish remover, etc.) the only problem was all of this stuff was taking off the black paint too! And since we were really having to put some elbow grease into it you could see the rub marks! So needless to say that wasn't going to work. So we came up with plan B and plan C!
Plan B was to find someone that might could remove the spray paint without doing any further damage!
Plan C was to file a claim with our insurance to have the whole truck repainted!
Plan B worked! There is a local Lexus dealership that said they could fix it! They "wet sanded" it. I'm not really sure what this means but they were able to get rid of the spray paint along with most of the other scratches that were on the truck too!
Now, it looks all nice and shiny!
Much better! And it only set us back about $200. But it kept my husband from losing his mind! So it was money well spent!

So, the lesson we learned is that we will never spray paint next to anything of value! The rest of our spray painting will take place in a nice big open space!

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BeLLa said...

that really sucks! glad eddie got a somewhat happy ending. xoxo