Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Village 2009

I can't believe Christmas Village has already come and gone. Nor can I believe we are already a week into November. Crazy!
Christmas Village this year was so much fun...a little different but just as great. Different because we didn't take Harper with us...we were all sad but we know she wouldn't have lasted the 11 hours we spent there. Yes, 11! But Henley was with us this year so that fun!
This picture was taken after we got home that night so some of us are looking a little rough - mostly me - but we were worn out!!
We make matching shirts to wear every year because we are cheesy like that. These were our shirts this year. They all had the Santa face but each had a different saying.
This little girl is a peach! She is seriously the prettiest baby I've ever seen. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her aunt! She has great color and skin! She is also so good. She did great the whole looonnnggg day! As long as she was getting fed every 3 or 4 hours then she was just fine! I think I whined more than she did. =)
She's also starting to smile. I didn't get any pictures of it but it will honestly melt your heart! I love her so much!
Mom's shirt says "Dear Santa, I still believe" and Shan's shirt says "Dear Santa, All I want is a silent night".
Mine says "Dear Santa, I can explain".
Below are my goodies I came home with. I honestly didn't really buy that much but we got some great ideas and I plan on making some of it.
New stockings. I got 3 for me, keith and baby boy. I love that they are colorful and funky. I didn't get Cooper one and I really debated this but his current stocking is so cute that I couldn't stand to not use it. His Aunt Shannon gave it to him a couple of years ago and I still love it. It is a paw print with his name monogrammed on it.
You got to pick out what fabric you wanted and they were only $10 each. So a pretty good deal!
I get an ornament every year. This one is the one I picked out for this year.
And of course I always come home with some goodies for my buddy!
He loves them. He smelled them as soon as I got my bags out of the car! Cooper, not Keith. =)
And of course I couldn't come home without something for little baby J. How sweet is this?
Up close.
This is an adorable little ornament that Kathy got for me. I love it!!

It was a great break from work and I got to spend lots of quality time with my family. It was much needed and I hated to leave. Especially Harper and Henley!


Amanda said...

Such cute the shirts! I am very sad that we missed each other this week/weekend but def glad that you had fun! Love you!

morgan823 said...

Cute stuff and I love the shirts!! What a cute idea...not cheesy at all! :)

The Bagwell Family said...

Love the shirts! So cute. My mom and I went too, but ...not for 11 hours! Out of control!YEAH for Christmas!

BeLLa said...

Oh my, but do we know how to shop and have fun. christmas village day with my girls is so special and we'll have to condition harper to get her ready for next year and definitely bring sarah with us.

i love all of my goodies and definitely plan to follow through on the ideas - thank you t-mobile =)


Amy said...

I was hoping you got one of the pregnant ornaments- I think they are so funny! Love the shirts, very cute!

H2's Mommy said...

Aww we should have gotten Amy a pregnant ornament! Sorry Amy! Your giraffe growth chart is super cute though!