Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fearing's Sip and See...

Last Sunday when I was home I was also able to go to a Sip and See for Sweet baby Fearing! I was so excited to see him again and his precious Mommy!
Me with Fearing and Whit.
Love my Whit!
Me, Shan and the girls with Whit and Fearing....Harpy was eating a cracker and not interested in taking a picture!
Henley and Fearing...they are about 7 weeks apart. Amazing how much babies grow and change in a short amount of time! Both so precious!
I was so glad to be able to see my friend and her little baby boy! A sip and see is a great idea and I'll probably end up having one so people can meet baby J - because let's face it...not everyone will be able to make the trip out to Oklahoma and I totally understand! =)


H2's Mommy said...

My girls and I will so be in OK with you before and after baby Sawyer gets here and can't wait! Hope yall are ready to see a lot of us for a while! Love the pic of Fearing and cute!

Whitney said...

How sweet of you to give Fearing his very own post! It was so much fun. It meant SOOO much to me that you were here and your sweet mom and sis and the girlies!! Fearing and I will be taking our first plane trip together to come visit his new best friend when Sawyer arrives too!! We can't wait! I love the pic of Fearing and Henley too! That was really funny! Love you!

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