Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Making me proud...

Just wanted to brag on my little brother for a minute! Isn't he cute?!?!
Well, he's smart too! He's going to the best school ever (War Eagle) to be an electrical engineer. And he also recently landed a co-op with Mercedes! He starts in January. I'm so proud of him!!
Congrats Jon! Do you get a family discount??
I'm heading home this afternoon. Tomorrow is the yearly tradition of attending Christmas Village with my mom and sister. I'm so excited!!! I'll be back in a couple of days and I'll share all my goodies! =)


Kathy Jo said...

First of all, yes he is!!!!! :) We are all so proud of him - he has worked really hard and done a great job at Auburn!! Mercedes is lucky to have him!!
I know I'll see you at CV tomorrow I just hope you brought a buggy to put all your goodies in!!!

Be careful coming home! I love you!

Brother said...

Well thanks sis... I can't wait to see you tomorrow(or Saturday morning)!! Thanks again and can't wait for you to hear your good news!!

Love you sis

BeLLa said...

just a little cutie pie. =)

jon you know how extremely proud i am of all that you have accomplished...nagging has its rewards. and you have a great sister for a mentor.

i know much success will come your way.

love you both more. xoxo