Monday, November 30, 2009

Officially in Oklahoma

Well, we are officially here! We had a great Thanksgiving and got to spend lots of time with family last week -- there will be lots of pictures coming! So, I was a little sad to leave and head this way! I got a little home sick last night but I know once things settle down and we get adjusted then everything will be just fine!
This is us before we left yesterday morning - one last family pic in our house in Memphis! It was early!

This is driving over! My view most of the way was the back of Keith's truck! But the drive wasn't bad at all! The weather wasn't good and we got a little turned around trying to find our apartment once we got into Tulsa but overall not bad! It took us 7 hours from Memphis to Tulsa - but we made several pit stops - more than would be necessary most of the time! We also had walkie talkies so it made it a little more fun!

This little guy had it made on the ride over! He sprawled out and slept pretty much the entire way! Ah, the good life! He's adjusting pretty good too! He sniffed around the apartment and already made his way under the bed! =)

He was so exhausted from the last few days that he literally kept falling asleep with his head up. It was cracking me up! He was nice company in the car!

This is my office here in Tulsa! Nice, right! I'm going to have one of the guys here take down the wall paper and paint it! Then I'll be able to officially settle in!

Hope you all have a great Monday! We are planning to get a Christmas tree tonight for our little apartment and I'm going to pick out some paint for my office. Any color suggestions?
PS - The blog was doing something weird today so if this post looks a little off that's why. It wouldn't upload the pictures right but I'm short on time so...


H2's Mommy said...

The pics of Cooper are too funny...poor guy was tired! Glad you made it there safe. I think you should leave the office the way it is now...JK-actually I think a tan or a light brown would be pretty with some blue in there.

morgan823 said...

Glad yall made it there safe and sound. Good luck with your office, I agree with Shannon, light brown or tan! :) Take pics after and show them.

Kathy Jo said...

Poor little Coopie!!! That is too cute!! I am agreeing with Shannon...tan with blue OR to really get them going in OK, then paint it ORANGE AND BLUE!!!!!! So glad you made it safe and sound and I know you had a tiring day!!! Can't wait to see the little tree!!! I love you all!!!

Kathy Jo