Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend update and some randomness

It was a great weekend! It was so nice to get home last Thursday night after being gone all week! It was a good week but very busy - I did get to visit my two new branches that I will be working at in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. It went well and I'm excited about this new chapter. Ready to get out there and get settled in!

Friday, Keith and I went and registered at Babies R Us. It was fun -- a little overwhelming -- who knew there were so many choices for everything that relates to a baby. And amazing that such a tiny person needs so much stuff. But we had fun and checked one more thing off the to do list which felt really nice! My sister gave me some good pointers on some of the must have items and some of the items that aren't worth it - she's my go to person for anything baby.

Friday night we just hung out at home and grilled out with some friends. This was our last weekend in Memphis so we wanted to make sure we spent time with our friends Lacey, Jared and Richard!

Saturday morning, we headed to Target to register. We figured this might be more convenient for some people so we decided to register at both places. The rest of the day was pretty low key. I caught up on all my shows I missed last week and started packing up some of the stuff that I'll need when we head to Tulsa.

Saturday night, Lacey and I headed to see New Moon - finally. It was awesome - I LOVED it!

Have you Twilight fans seen it yet? Did you love it too?

Sunday was pretty low key. I did make some pumpkin bread. My sister told me how good it was last week and she was right - it is delicious! Also, we listed our house last week. Check out our realtor's name! I'm praying it sells but let's be honest the timing is pretty bad! But you never know. My work hooks you up when you relocate so fortunately if we can't sell it they will buy it from us -- but we still really want to sell it! I have a Dr.'s appt this afternoon -- it will be my last one here in Memphis. I'll update you all tomorrow but I'm not expecting much news -- it's just a routine appt.

PS - Can you believe it's already Thanksgiving week? I need time to slow down!

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Amanda said...

Not only did I see New Moon, but I went at midnight with all of the other 16 year old girls with their team Jacob/Team Edward shirts on with their moms b/c they are too young to be out past curfew! Yes I loved it also!