Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Sorry, no picture! I'm a little busy with the new job and all -- and unfortunately there isn't a full length mirror here or I would do my usual bathroom picture! But I'll be posting Thanksgiving pictures tomorrow and you'll be able to see the belly then!

How far along? 29 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I'm almost over the number at this point. I don't feel too huge and I just want a healthy baby (although preferably not a 9 pounder!)
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: The apartment we are in has a full bed so it's a little cramped. We are used to a king and I require a lot of pillows now...but we are managing!
Best moment this week: Thanksgiving...lots of family time! And got to see some of my buddies.
Movement: Yep - several people were able to feel him move while we were home for Thanksgiving. He is getting a little violent - it can be so distracting but I love it! He has also been getting the hiccups. It's so weird! People can actually feel him hiccuping through my stomach! Also, I'm pretty sure I can make out body parts...
Food cravings: haven't really had any this week...
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: no
Belly Button in or out? I might as well go ahead and say out...who cares! According to my sister, I have the weirdest looking belly button anyway! =)
What I miss: baby boys stuff -- granted we didn't have that much for him...his furniture and some clothes but it felt weird leaving Memphis and leaving it there.
What I am looking forward to: Starting to look for a new house here in Tulsa - got to get ready for baby boy!
Weekly Wisdom: I don't feel like I have much wisdom to offer this week...
Milestones: Moving to OK!