Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finally, some Thanksgiving Pictures

This post contains A LOT of pictures so consider yourself warned!
We had a great Thanksgiving and really enjoyed our couple of days at home. They went by too fast - but that is always the case when you are in good company!
We got to B'ham Tuesday night -- we met the family for dinner -- Mexican, of course! Then me, mom and sister decided to go back to my Mom's and have a little paint party.

We didn't start till late and we were all dressed comfy but it was so much fun. I did something for baby's nursery that I had been planning to do so it felt good to get something finished! Plus it was so nice having my mom and sister there for advice! Shan painted something for the girls bathroom and my Mom painted a Christmas picture! They all turned out awesome and we had a great time!
In the process...

Shan's masterpiece! It's so sweet...and so fitting for sisters!
For the nursery. Our colors are blue, green and yellow - pretty much all variations.
There are 2 smaller canvas's to match this J so it will be his initials hanging on the wall.
Finished product - aren't they good? It was about 2 am at this point. This girl hung pretty good - considering I'm not quite the night owl that Mom and Shannon are!
I didn't get any pictures on Wednesday! I ran errands with Mom, Shan and the girls. And then that night we enjoyed our first Thanksgiving meal with Keith's family! It was delicious and we had fun visiting with them. We also went through some of Keith's old baby stuff. It was neat. I snagged some stuff that I plan to use with our baby!
Then it was Thursday. We woke up and had a lazy morning watching the parade. Then it was time for lunch at my Mom's.
Jon & Sarah & Hobbie peaking up in the bottom!
My little family!
GG holding Henley
Pretty table!
Coop's Thanksgiving treat!
He loved it!
Shan trying to sneak up on Cooper - I love this picture!
Sweet Henley!
Little turkeys!
In their precious Thanksgiving outfits that their mommy made for them! They were adorable! It's hard taking pictures of these two together - usually only 1 cooperates at a time!
Time for family pictures!
Bella, Grandbob and the girls!

Just the girls...
Aunt Tiff, Uncle Keith and little ladies
Sister's pretty family!
All the kiddos.
Family picture minus Henley
Thursday afternoon we headed to meet up with my Dad and Kathy and that side of the family. So sad that I don't have any pictures from there -- I forgot my camera! But it was our third Thanksgiving meal and just as delicious!
Thursday night I went to my sister's to keep the girls while her and Blake headed out to Wal-Mart at 12:30am with the rest of the crazies! But they did get some great deals and they love doing it. I, on the other hand, was happy to stay home keep an eye on her sleeping beauties!
Friday - the Iron Bowl! It was such a great game and I'm so proud of my tigers! They put up a fight and really should have won! We all watched it over at my Mom's.

Prec in her Auburn outfit - Aubie Claus.
Our spread...
Cooper had his game day gear on!
Me and Henley girl!
Brother and husband.
This was at some point after the game - just hanging out - we were all pretty tired. It had been a long couple of days!
Bob & Blake
Friday night I was able to meet up with 2 of my buddies - Amanda and Ashley. I'm sad we didn't take any pictures! But I loved catching up with them.
Then Saturday morning we were off to Kathy's parents for our 4th and final Thanksgiving get together.
Dad & Henley girl.
2 of my favorite people!
Love my Harpy do!
Family picture! Love how Cooper's paw is on my belly!
My favorite boys!
Me & Dad
And then it was time to hit the road and head back to Memphis. We spent Saturday night packing up and getting ready for the move. It was a great time at home with family and friends. I couldn't help but think of how different next year will be!


morgan823 said...

Great pictures, looks like yall had fun, busy weekend! You look so cute!

BeLLa said...

wow - love all the pics and what a great recap of our 'fabuluous' weekend.

there is nothing better that having all my babies at home. =)


Anonymous said...

Great pics and week being back home. There's no place like home.


Jessie said...

GB All!
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