Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby Shower...the decorations...

So, I decided to break up the shower in a couple of different post. For your sake and mine - there is just so much to share it was getting a little overwhelming. So, first are pics of all the decorations. Then I'm going to do gifts and then guests ~ so 3 parts.
First up the decorations! I'm so blessed to have such crafty friends!!

Brandy made this awesome diaper cake! I was seriously so impressed!!
My sister made me this wreath {she said it was a group effort}. We will hang it on the hospital door and then in his room. Love it!
The table at the entrance. Sarah made me the washcloth arrangement and she did such a great job!!! Kathy did the initials for the vase.
"Wishes for Sawyer" that my Mom printed for all the guest to fill out. I loved reading them to see what everyone put and I can't wait to read them to Sawyer!
Little candies that my Mom made.

Close up of the back side of the diaper cake!

Front side
The whole table with all the yummy food! All of my hostesses were so sweet and did so much for us. We really are so blessed!
The adorable {and yummy} cake and petit fours!
After some of the guest had signed the book and filled out the wishes.
Some crafty friends I have, right? And all of this will look great in his nursery!


H2's Mommy said...

Everything turned out super cute! Did you take a picture of the napkins?

BeLLa said...

Everything was so crafty and specially made for your special day. Glad you loved everything. Can't wait to see rest of your pics. xoxo