Saturday, January 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Okay, I know I'm jumping ahead since I haven't even put up Christmas pics (they are coming in the next day or two...I promise - I've been having MAJOR technical difficulties!) but everyone has been asking for pics of our house. So, here you go!

Our new house. Told you guys there was lots of snow -- there is this much still on the ground - these pics were taken Tuesday! Crazy...I'm so not used to it lasting this long!
From the driveway.
Officially ours -- this is entering through the bonus room.
The bonus room - which will be our Auburn/pool table/play room!
Entering the house through the bonus room. Laundry room on your right and the dining room and then den straight ahead.
laundry room
Dining room and den.
Master bedroom - which has already been re-painted.
Master bath - which we re-painted today.
Entering the front door.
The den.
Kitchen - which has also already been re-painted. We've spent the last 3 days painting non-stop.
View from the window above the kitchen sink - out into the sun room and the back yard.
View of the den from the kitchen - you can see the front door.
Another view of the kitchen.
Sun room.
Upstairs full bath - we've repainted this one too.
Half bath upstairs - we haven't started this one yet but it's on the list. That wallpaper should be fun.
There are 3 bedrooms upstairs too - they were pretty plain and we've painted all of them. I'll put up some "after" pictures later.
The backyard.
Another view...
Happy!!! This was before we spent 3 days painting...ha!
Yay! So happy to finally have our house. Going out towards the garage.
I know some kiddies that will have lots of fun on this when they come visit their cousin!
So there you have it. I've literally been trying to post these since last Wednesday and it's now Saturday night. Now, I already need to put up "afters" -- oh well, those will come. I want to get our Christmas recap up first. Hopefully that will come tomorrow.
Hope everyone is having a great New Year. We've spent ours working but I know it will all be worth it!!
Hopefully my internet will keep cooperating so it won't be so long in between post!


H2's Mommy said...

LOVE your new house! The snow is so pretty. I can't wait to see the afters and I for sure can't wait to see it in person. I'm so excited that I get to see you again in 6 days! Love you!

BeLLa said...

Wow tipper and eddie - what a great house. coopie is going to love that back yard and now he will have a view.

wish we could be there to help you guys, but i know having eddie is like having 3 people. =)

can't wait to see you in a few days and can't wait for your baby tea. xoxo

morgan823 said...

I love, love, love the house!! Can't wait to see after pictures.

Amanda said...

Wow! The house is gorgeous! I love it! I am so happy for you's perfect! Now you have a home to bring little man home to! :) I lvoe you both!