Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick Update...

Well, I went to the Dr. and nothing to report! I didn't really expect her to tell me anything different so I'm happy! Besides like I've mentioned everything is planned for him to come on the 10th so it will be awesome if he can stay put till then! And I still feel pretty good so it's not like I'm miserable! Don't get me wrong...I'm ready for him to be here...but the 10th is two weeks from today so I'll manage!
Little Cooper on his perch with his favorite toy!
I'm hoping to take some pictures of our finished bonus room so I can share with you guys tomorrow...everything is coming together!


H2's Mommy said...

Sawyer is snug! The 10th will be here really quick! Cooper looks snug too. I love you! =)

BeLLa said...

my gosh how the time has will even seem faster once your little guy gets here.

counting the days til i get to come out see all of you and your new house. xoxo