Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day

I'm having my very own snow day. We got hit with an ice storm here and so I didn't want to risk it trying to drive into work today. It wasn't quite as bad as they were expecting so we didn't lose power - thank God! Not sure if you can tell from the below but the trees are covered in ice.
Keith went to the grocery store and stocked up but we completely forgot about buying water. When I got home yesterday and opened the fridge this is what I found. The whole shelf is full of containers of water - every container we own! Poor guy was just worried about us.
It has started to snow now...we are supposed to get between 3-5 inches so we'll see.

I was telling Keith this morning that this is our last weekend of it being just the three of us! My Mom arrives next Saturday and the rest of the family is right behind her. I think spending our last weekend together snowed in and relaxing sounds pretty good!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Amanda said...

Aw...I hope you guys enjoy your last weekend as a threesome! Countdown is on now! I miss you terribly and hope that you have a great weekend with your hubby! Love you! :)

Anonymous said...

aww keifers has such a big heart...
enjoy your snowy weekend buddy!

Kathy Jo said...

Parents pray that their children will marry wonderful, caring, loving spouses and you did!! What a blessing he is!! Keith is such a sweetheart and will be such a wonderful daddy!!!! I hope you guys enjoy your snowed-in weekend! Rest up :)!! Sawyer is fixin to Rock Your WORLD, in such a terrific way!!!! I love you all!!!

Kathy - soon to be Nonnie again!!!

BeLLa said...

wow - can't wait to see more pics after the snow. i can always count on your eagle scout to take care of my baby girl. =)

7 days.....xoxo