Friday, January 22, 2010

Where I Work...

Not sure if you guys remember but below is what my office looked like when I arrived in Tulsa. Nice golf theme, huh??
Well, this is now. One of the nice guys here at work tore down the wallpaper and painted it for me. Just a nice neutral color.
Those pictures framed below actually came out of a calendar and I got the frames for $3 at Wal-Mart. So a pretty cheap way to add a little something to a big wall.
My diploma and a cork board that I covered with fabric behind my desk. Lots of pictures throughout my office too.
Other wall. And behind that credenza is my little mini fridge. =)
I think it looks pretty good. Of course, I'll still be adding things over time but not a bad place to spend my days!


Amanda said...

Super cute..I would love to show pics of my cublet I work in but it is too small to even acknowledge! I think it is very cute and cozy!

BeLLa said...

great idea framing the calendar pics -- what is the face one? great job hanging all of them - did eddie do it?

also charming to see that the clock made it through the transition. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Nice office! I agree with your last post as well. I think it was meant to be. Plus, after visiting OK in December, I was really impressed (want a neighbor? I think my in-laws would kill me!). Things worked the same way for us getting back to Birmingham...almost like it was meant to be as well. Take Care and looking forward to a quick, but exciting road trip to OK in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Nice save BB!

I use to have a clock just like that one.


Anonymous said...

Oh, congrats. Edward on your new job!